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Focus Statement


To engender the ancient historical and spiritual root of traditional religious, healing, and cultural ancestral legacies as a means of raising the collective human consciousness.

Chiism, being concerned about geographical, psychological, sociological, historical, economical, spiritual and religious isolation and indifference, is dedicated to establishing a common ethic, building peace, negating poverty in body, mind and spirit, annihilating racial and gender based oppression and discrimination, and restoring ecological harmony. To this end, mutual respect, tolerance and love can be expressed amongst both indigenous and diasporan people of African descent.

Chiism , is the philosophical framework of all traditional oriented religions which is believed to have begun 1,000,000 years ago according to extensive scholarly research. It was recognized by the World Court of the United Nations in 1954 and it is essentially a modality of direct attunement or relationship with our Creator. This includes the synthesis of African thought that believes in honoring of our Ancestors, the re-embodiment of the Soul, the continuation of the Spirit, the demystification of natural phenomena and the reclamation of African historical parameters that bind all Africa and the world's people spiritually, psychologically and sociologically.


  • Reducing constrains for travel.

  • Accessing the dynamics which will promote prompt travel documents.

  • Obtaining dual/world citizenship.


  • Erasing inferior notions and affirming African genius.

  • Accuracy of textual discourse in pedagogical settings.


  • To erase errors in thinking that cause negative actions through the truthful sharing of information long kept hidden from all people.


  • To teach the traditions of African culture such as philosophy, spirituality, family values, languages and ancestral memory through the promotion of literary materials by conscious thinking individuals.

Common Ethics

  • Promote mutual understanding, respect, toleration, love and peace among all peoples of Africa descent and nations, and all people.

Spiritual and religion

  • To promote awareness of ancient spiritual traditions as the root of major world religious concepts today.

  • To promote the understanding between dogma and inner attunement to the Creative Force.


  • Enhance and expand economic opportunities for peoples of African descent.

  • Promote the acquisition and sharing of technology and technical information

  • Promote agricultural, industrial growth and trade.

  • Assist in resurrecting the inventive genius of Africa through the didactic process.

To these aims, Chiism shall seek to fulfill the need for a Pan-African mission that will transcend national borders, cultural and religious differences and political preference.

Dr. Oba T'Shaka, educator and author of "RETURN TO THE AFRICAN MOTHER PRINCIPLE OF MALE AND FEMALE EQUALITY", has stated--"Unity in African, African American and African communities in the Diaspora depends upon African people returning to the best of our world view or philosophy"(pg.308)…

This means then that practices which are in non-alignment with our traditional ancestral eschatology, cosmology and cosmogony, i.e., our view of human destiny, creation and universal law, will not allow us to have higher consciousness such that we will be able to be leaders and developers of civilization as we once were. Consequently, our mission as visionaries is to create a construct, which will heal our spirits and our souls so that we will again be whole. This wholeness will crystallize into full liberty of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves individually and collectively. This liberty will further crystallize into the establishment of Africa centered pedagogy, sociology, philosophy and Spirituality----the characteristics of powerful and respected nations.

Such a task requires commitment, concentration, consistency and co-action. These are what we call the "Four Principles of Organizational Evolution". In other words, these are the dynamics that will move us forward. First, when one is committed to the vision of a particular group, he or she is focused on the ideals of that group. Secondly, mental thrust must be towards whatever individual tasks we have been assigned. Thirdly, we must avoid tangentialism by sticking to the point or focus of the organization's mission, Finally, we must have a unified effort. We cannot rise from the murky, stagnant waters created by those who have historically oppressed us into clear. Pure oceans of pride, intelligence, skill and planetary power without these four aspects firmly in place.

It is, therefore, imperative that everyone carefully weigh the level of his or her commitment to Chiism as this will allow or disallow the other three components to fall into place. We once were the definers of the universe, the teachers of all others and the builders of civilization. Now others define for us, teach us and claim as their own our grand history. God is not pleased with lies. We, however, must show our God that we are ready for freedom and its attendant successes by turning our minds and hearts toward our ancestral truths and refusing to be confused and scattered any longer.

The portal to the future is open. Are we ready to walk through it? The key to the portal has already been given to us by our ancestral heritage (T'Shaka, 1995).




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