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"Otito nile diri Chineke,

O basi Dielu;Chiukwu Obioma;

Chi di Ebere; Olisa nwe Amara,

Ka uzo anyi obula nile buru ihie,

Ka ihe nile anyi kpaturu aka

buru so nma,

Ka uwa nile site na ozioma

nka nwesa obianuri,

Ta na ebighiebi,




"All praises to Chi the Creator,

The Supreme Being; Chi the Good;

Chi the Merciful; Chi the

Magnificent with Grace;

Let every way of our lives be light,

Let all our acts be crowned with good, May the world prosper from our ministry,

Now and forever,


So let it be....Amen"

"Love is the highest spirituality. Any religion that cannot make its adherents to love, tolerate and live in harmony with members of other religions, is no religion at all. The mutual killings ravaging the religious front everywhere on earth tells just one sad story. That just now , the world has no true religion. It is this vacuum that Ofufechi (Chiism) has come to fill. To preach love and live love, as a re-emergence of the divine spiritual civilization of ‘biri ka’m biri’ (live and let live) from ancient Africa.” --- Ahanyi, Kama Onu Kama Onyioha.


His Holiness, Ogbaja, Ahanyi Kama Onu Kama Onyioha, Supreme Spiritual Teacher of Chiism (Godianism), and Eze (King) Ewelu Ochie II of Ukwa Ukwu, Nkporo, Nigeria.





"The true definition of Civilization is not technological know-how or economic opulence but when two people can see eye to eye, tolerate each other and defend to death the right of the other to survive. Therein lies the true definition of civilized behavior"  — Ahanyi K.O.K Onyioha

Why Africa needs its own religious philosophy


In this video, Ahanyi K.O.K. Onyioha, the Supreme Spiritual Teacher of Chiism (Godianism) explains why Africa needs its own religious philosophy as a unifying force or umbrella for African global communities when the interests of our global African communities is at stake



This is the awakening for which all Nde Ife (Children of Light of God) can give thanks to Chineke, our Creator, for this spiritually liberating gazette, which heralds the dawn of a superior tomorrow with liberty of the spirit, self realization, and actualization for all people world wide. Here we can be truly educated about the power of Chineke to move mountains when there seem to be obstacles in our path. The attainment of self realization is through the power of Chineke, the power we count on to move us through life’s obstacles and challenges. Human, know thyself! That is the call of spiritual alertness and educational awareness. It is in relation to the environment and culture that education has meaning. You may have many doctorate degrees stringed to your name as handles, but if you are uninformed of the traditional cultural and spiritual traditions of your people which is the fulcrum around which the totality of human culture gyrates, you are simply amateurish in awareness, and though a literate person, you are alienated into the cultural vineyard of others. May this basic understanding of Chiism and its edifying teachings, bring peace, and love to all who pass through this website.


"Otito nile diri Chineke, Ofo..Yagazie..Ise"

I will worship ChinEke of Nature. Time out for believing the doctrines of men. The sun, moon and stars and all the seasons of the year, show me clearly what ChinEke is.


Nature is the same all over the world. Life growth and death for man, woman, beasts and plants. Everyone must alone die his and her own death, because death shows no preference at all.

How come my life, my growth and my death? What God kept me 'til missions came here? ChinEke is my life, and the head of my home. Man can't tell me who ChinEke is.


From me to ChinEke, there is no distance. There is no room for bishops and priests. Beasts and the plants never ate Adam's fruit... their death follows nature's plans.


From now onward, man can't deceive me. This world was made by ChinEke not man/woman. Nature can show me the handiwork of ChinEke, on land, hills, and vales, and dales.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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