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Please help us affect real change in the lives of those in the margins of society, by providing a hand-up, not just a hand-out. We also appreciate your donations toward Onyinye projects designed to uplift people of African ancestry and humanity in general and show the world that African peoples have always been capable of original thinking.

Every major faith tradition emphasizes giving to others, especially those in need. This universal appeal to charity is rooted in tradition, sacred writings and theological understandings. The faith-based call to care for others–to seek justice especially for the least of these–has motivated dramatic social change, and been an instrument of caring and healing throughout history.

The Global faith Ministries Campaign wants to celebrate the spirit of caring for others. Through the Onyinye Project, Chiist, Christian, Jewish and Muslim worshipers and worshipers of other faiths will have the opportunity to learn more about global health issues such as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, as well as alleviating the suf¬fering caused by extreme poverty, clean water and educational opportunities. Participants will explore ways they can actively engage both as individuals and as congregations in their local communities.

Treatment of the poor is a measurement throughout original African culture. “Aku m diri Ubani”, which means that "My wealth lies in the good in my community and what I do to bring it forth”. Chinke expects us to give because "Ime mma, I nata mma”, which means that "When you do good you receive good”.

One of the three pillars of Chiism (Chiism) is Mu na chi so (I am one with Chineke), Ife si na chi (all blessings come from Chineke) and Onye ahala nwanne ya (never leave your brothers and sisters behind) to which end we are required to do Chineke’s will by serving the suffering humanity, sacrifice money, time and energy in the service of the poor and the oppressed with unattached and unconditional generosity.

The world has gotten smaller; we see it more clearly in ways never before possible. Our neighbors are not just across the street, but across the world. Unstable times and knowledge ob¬ligate us to action. The Onyinye Project, will raise awareness among Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and oth¬er faith communities of the global orphan crisis; health issues, extreme pov¬erty, and explore ways these communities can respond within their traditions. It will also make ending global poverty and al¬leviating global disease a key issue for all religions worldwide.

Onyinye Project is held every Quarter; January, April, July, October. A percentage of our collections go towards supporting programs that support the sick and poor globally.

Please send your donation to CasApp $Ogele to make a donation, and thank you for your support.

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