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General Information-Nkomii


The Nkomii is the book of life that teaches the divine, original path to salvation inherent in the spirituality of Africa, originally called Okebulani. It is incumbent upon every person of African ancestry seeking divine and original spirituality, and all Children of light, yearning to experience the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience and Magnificence of Chineke, and the reward of paradise on earth, to live their lives according to the teachings revealed therein.

Was it not professor J. H Breasted, a leading American Egyptologist who in his book entitled 'The Dawn Of Conscience', had said that it was the black people of Africa that gave the world conscience?

This can be an easy task for those blessed with an understanding of Igbo, one of the languages of divine communication. But for those not so blessed, a translation and illumination of the Nkomii is thus a task to be taken seriously and must be done, in the march of time.

Excepts from the Holy Book- Nkomii

Before the reader begins to study the Nkomii, you must understand that unlike some writings of the recent religions of the book, the revelations contained in this book are unique, with an eternal spiritual message and universal relevance and application. It’s contents are not confined to a particular theme, but contains the foundation for an entire way of life, defining a broad spectrum of issues pertaining to the traditional metaphysics of Africa; from cosmogony through cosmology to ontology and mysticism; the sociological dimension of it’s spirituality as an instrument of societal control around the globe; from specific articles of faith and commitment, to moral teachings, rites and obligations; sin, salvation and retributive justice; personal, spiritual and public law.

The current available books and teachings on African spirituality and what we see in recent times in the unprecedented onslaught of the peoples awareness seminars, workshops and revival attempts sometimes referred to as Oshun, Santeria, Sango, Odinani, Orunmilaism, etc., are an eclectic distortion of the true tradition. While these attempts may offer valuable experiences and insight, the real understanding of the ancient knowledge and the depth and richness of the traditional spirituality is lost.

This Nkomii is the First Edition that brings to light and teaches the true spirituality of Africa, and it’s focus is the complete eradication of the spiritual bondage and servitude under which our children labor, and at the same time enlighten the human race on what true spirituality is. The second edition will focus on an in-depth and detailed study of the spirituality in the discipline of prayer, rituals; meditation; purification; fasting; contemplation; environmental serenity and your personal Shrine. It is, indeed, a liberation theology.

Ancient human society had the spiritual teachings that supported and sustained primordial traditional life. Revealed is the most ancient of world cosmogony that got muddled in midstream with the dispersal of humanity from Africa and the passage of time.

The similarities in the narrations in the Nkomii on creation, to the teachings and renditions of the recent religions of the book, will be an enlightenment for those not privy to the fact that their renditions are distillates from the original, divine teachings illuminated therein.

It is accepted today that all of the books/ bibles/ scrolls in use today were the compilations of male and female (especially male) writers, compiled into the various versions of “holy bibles and scrolls”, and are the result of many revisions and translations that cover a period of approximately two thousand, five hundred years---695 B.C. to 1973 A.D.

All these were preceded by the first revelations of the indigenous Igbo people of West Africa. It was from there that the basic teachings of most world religions of the book originated, i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Strengthen your faith and enrich your wisdom from these truths of history :- The fossils of the Cro-Magnon, the Java, the Neanderthal and the Piltdown men were celebrated as the oldest forms of humans ever found. They were touted as the “uncivilized primitive” humans of the Paleolithic age dating as far back as 5000 B.C. Quite recently, archeologists Leaky and his team , dug up fossils in the eastern part of Africa dating as far back as 1.5 million years B.C., to cancel the claims of the earlier archeologists for the Java man.

For years Egyptologists had put down Ijeputa (Egypt) as having the oldest civilization of humankind dating as far back as 4000 B.C. But now, archeologists have dug up in Igbo Ukwu, a community in the land of the Igbo of Nigeria, a civilization dating as far back as 5000 b.c., 1000 years older than the acclaimed civilization of Ijeputa. It was the Igbo spiritual civilization of West Africa that sipped through the long period of 1000 years to surface in Ijeputa (Egypt) and nubia as another form of civilization in the year 4000 B.C. The word “Egypt” is a corruption of an Igbo name or phrase, “Ijeputa”, which means a crossroads or land that you will, in the ancient time, make use of in your travels across Africa to far away places. Like Matheno the Sage of ancient Ijeputa stated when the sages of the world met at the cusp of the ages to chart a new course for the coming new age-"The land of Ijeputa is the land of sacred things. All the mysteries of the world lie lock bound in our tombs. And after all your children have gone to all parts of the world to study, they will come to Ijeputa to finish up".

The greatest need of all oppressed people is a process of decolonization in all spheres of human endeavor in the following manner:-


  • Spiritual emancipation.


  • Political and economic development.

To the Children of light of African ancestry who, seeking to escape from the cultural domination and discrimination of the Christian world and wanting to get associated with a religion which they can trace to Africa, the home of their ancestors, had gone into Islam and become Black Muslims. They have not by that conversion re-established contact with the spiritual and cultural past of their ancestors, which is the satisfaction they are seeking.

Islam is symbolic of Arab nationalism, which was began in Mecca by Mohammed. And Mecca is not in Africa. Islam spread into North Africa by conquest from Mecca and Medina, all of which are not cities in Africa.

In the New Standard Encyclopedia, vol. 6, pages 1216-1217, about the world population of Muslims, it is written: “There are only a few practicing Muslims living permanently in the United States-estimates range from 10,000 to 20,000. These figures do not include Negroes of the Black Muslim group, generally not considered true Muslims.” This view is held about Black people in Islam all around the world. They are not counted as true Muslims! The important thing is not what Black Muslims think of themselves, but what others think of them! Their true religious heritage is in Chiism.

The descendants of the children of Africa must see that episode of history-- 16th to the 19th century---in which millions of our people were transported across the Atlantic ocean as a blessing. This is an underlying philosophy of stoicism, which has made Africa smile in difficulties through centuries of the machinations of detractors and enabled those in America to survive the badgering of American society over the centuries. Together, they must resolve to give dynamic purpose to the existence of black and all communities all over North and South America and the Caribbean, as advance communities, created of the Omniscience of Chineke.

The purpose: as a launching pad for the re-emergence of the spiritual civilization of Africa, that would transport every mind to the higher plane of spiritual balance, inspire mutual respect among races and return peace to humanity. At the same time, it is mandatory that the children of Africa all over the world re-connect the umbilical cord to the motherland. It is the mission of Chiism to unite our people in the Diaspora with families and communities in Africa into which they must assimilate as members of the communities. This is our divine mandate.

Nsibidi mbu (1), verse 12, Jenisisi (Nke Okike)

The Exhortation from Chineke to the Children of Light.

"No one is created by me to be destitute. Listen inwardly to yourself, identify who you are in terms of your Ikenga (Talent), then properly interpret and obey my faint voice in you, and you will be led by your Chi to the hallmark of your Akaraka (Destiny), which is ultimate happiness which consummates itself in service from which my children of light will derive happiness, consolation and peace of mind.”


Love is the highest spirituality. Any religion that cannot make its adherents to love, tolerate and live in harmony with members of other religions, is no religion at all. The mutual killings ravaging the religious front everywhere on earth tells just one sad story. That just now , the world has no true religion. It is this vacuum that Ofufechi (Chiism) has come to fill. To preach love and live love, as a re-emergence of the divine spiritual civilization of ‘biri ka’m biri’ (live and let live) from ancient Africa.”

---------- Ogbaja (Prophet) Ahanyi Kama Onu Kama Onyioha.

"It was the distortion of our religion that cripples black people to this day. You cannot successfully oppress a consciously historical people. You can only oppress by taking their history, and you do that by colonizing their concept of God, make them mentally dependent on those who take away their freedom.”

---------- Dr. John Henrik Clarke.


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