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Nneoha I of Nkporo and the Grand Lady of Abia State, Nigeria,

Mrs. Ngozi Nwosa Onyioha

Nneoha (Queen Mother)


Born in Dec. 17, 1930, to Ichie Obi Nwosa of Umuda village in Umuaji, Asaba, and Nwugo Nwagboso of Umuahia in Abia State of Nigeria, was a girl Ngozi Nwosa. She grew and matured into adulthood under the colonial era of British imperialism in Nigeria. During the turbulent years of the anti-colonial struggle, she was actively involved with Nigerian women political activists like Chief (Mrs) Margaret Ekpo, Chief (Mrs) Ransom Kuti, etc. It was at this point in her life that she met and married Ahanyi, Ogbaja (Prophet) Kama Onu Kama Onyioha. Since their holy union, she has stood beside her husband in the crusade for the spiritual, political and economic emancipation of all people. She is the Odu Ahanyi, i.e., the supporting pillar of  The Ahanyi, and also the Nneoha (Queen Mother), and the Grand Lady of Abia State.

Nneoha has created a legacy for women to aspire to go beyond the realms of the limit set by societal expectations. She has over the years achieved self actualization by embracing her unlimited spirit, and a champion for all women to experience the triumph of an indomitable spirit. She has dared to be an uncommon woman within her race, where women of the black race are no longer able to inspire the men to break out of the chains of spiritual, political and economic bondage and neo-colonialism. She believed that "If we had dared to continue to be original in thinking and actions, instead of borrowers and followers as we now are, we would have been in a better position to bequeath a lasting legacy and a solid foundation to our children." Her inspiration and motivation in life has always been to tell people of Africa that African women must inspire and motivate the men, and vice versa, for us to contribute towards the enrichment and diversification of the totality of human culture.

Nneoha has dedicated her life to show that a person is truly remembered by deeds, not words alone or by the transparent prestige of worldly goods. She is, and will continue to be an inspiration, and a force to be reckoned with now and for years to come.

May she live for as long as Olisa nwe Amara has ordained.


His Holiness, Ahanyi, Ogbaja, Kama Onu Kama Onyioha, and Nneoha I, Mrs. Ngozi Onyioha with the Oba (King) of Benin, Nigeria, December, 1963.

Leaders of Benin City Branch of the Chiist (Godian) Women’s Association in group photograph with their President-General, Nneoha I, Mrs. Ngozi Onyioha (5th from left, front row).

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