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Okwukwe Chiism (Gospel of Chiism)



Nsibidi nke ato (3)

The Eighteen Purgative Lights, as the Gospel of Chiism in compendium, is the set of principles we believe in, act upon and propagate.

  • I am one with Chineke (God), creator of the Heavens and Earth, who is my source of inspiration, strength and my protector.


  • I believe in the universal unity of humanity under the parenthood of Chineke; love your neighbor as you love yourself; do to others as you would want Chineke to do to you; you shall not steal; you shall not commit adultery; you shall not lie; and in respect and obedience to elders, just laws, and in retributive justice.


  • I believe that every being, looks up to something as a source of inspiration, and that that something is Chineke.


  • I believe that Chineke, made the world a paradise of happiness for Humanity but that humans have made the world a hell for themselves by too much quarrels with their fellow humans over methods of God-worship.


  • I believe that the Paradise of Heaven on Earth shall come when humans learn to quarrel no more with their fellow humans on the excuse of difference in methods of God-worship.


  • I believe that religious concepts are inspired by our desire to offer thanks to Chineke for goodness to humanity.


  • I believe that every being has their own way; organized or unorganized, systematized or unsystematized, of expressing the necessary gratitude to Chineke, and that in this fact satisfies the purpose of God-worship.


  • I believe that there is no sense in quarreling with my fellow human over their religious doctrine, belief or method of God-worship that differ from my own manner of satisfying the common purpose of thanksgiving to Chineke.


  • I believe that to base association of human with human, nation with nation, on the ground of common religion and faith, is sheer folly.


  • I believe that every being should have the right to worship Chineke in the way it understands best, without bitterness.


  • I believe that any attempt to force humans directly or indirectly to accept any particular faith, religious doctrine or method of God-worship rumples social harmony.


  • I believe that organized religious bodies as they are known in the world today, though the fundamental principles underlying their purposes are good, have, by each in its way canvassing to have all humanity embrace its doctrines, aroused unhealthy competition and mutual jealousy among themselves and blown the world into a tumultuous asylum of warring religious factions.


  • I believe that, if the universal unity of humanity under the parenthood of Chineke shall be a reality, if the paradise of Chineke shall come, the traditional Okebulani (Africa) attitude of ‘biri ka m’biri’ (live and let me live) is the indispensable catalyst.


  • I believe that deification of humans have given source to the formation of the many religious organizations now competing and quarreling with one another, each in frantic attempts to get everybody to accept and hallow the man it has so deified as the only son, holy prophet and only medium through whom the blessing and mercy of Chineke, should be invoked.


  • I believe that the practice of deification of humans shall continue to be the source of disharmony in matters of God-worship unless it is stopped.


  • I believe that to deify any person born of woman, or to accept and hallow any one so deified is conspiracy against social harmony and sinful contempt for the very sanctity of Chineke.


  • I believe that to end deification of humans and hang religion directly on Chineke, is to end proliferation of religions and religious quarrels, and return peace to humanity.


  • I believe that the gospel of Chiism represents the re-emergence of a spiritual civilization, which needs to be propagated to save human society from total destruction.



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