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Bight of Biafara in Four Centuries of History 1500-1900 A.D.
African Chiism - Ancient spirituality of Africa

All publications are unique to Chiism (Godianism). Our goal is to educate and encourage people of African ancestry and all humanity to "preach love and live love, as a re-emergence of the divine spiritual civilization of ‘biri ka’m biri’ (live and let live) from ancient Africa.” --- Ahanyi, Kama Onu Kama Onyioha.

Publications: Books and Magazines

All books will be available in Spring, 2016

Nkomii di Nsọ
Bight of Biafara
African Chiism

The Holy Nkomii is the book of life that teaches the divine, original path to salvation inherent in the spirituality of Africa, originally called Okebulani. It is incumbent upon every person of African ancestry seeking divine and original spirituality, and all Children of light, yearning to experience the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience and Magnificence of Chineke, and the reward of paradise on earth, to live their lives according to the teachings revealed therein. Click image to enlarge.

The main concern of this book is to study a 1626 map of old ‘Africa’, the continent originally called ‘Okebuleali’ in the Nkporo/Afikpo axis Igbo language with particular reference to the old kingdom of Biafara, to determine whether or not this area of Africa, which on May 30, 1967 was politically defined as the Republic of Biafra, was within the bounds of the old kingdom of Biafara. Click image to enlarge.

This book contains a detail analysis of  Chiism (Godianism). Chiism is a philosophical rendering of African religious habits and practices, and the practices which distinguish African religion from other religions of the world including Islam and Christianity are that the African speaks to Chineke (God) directly without passing through any medium, and has no religious prejudices. Click image to enlarge

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