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Vision - Amuma Amamihe Nke Ahanyi

The Prophecy

It was in 1950 that Oswald Spengler, a German philosopher predicted in his book entitled "The decline of the west", that the next great civilization shall come from Africa, and it shall be a spiritual civilization. This expectation of humanity for this spiritual civilization from Okebulani (Africa) is not a misconception, for was it not Professor J.H. Breasted, a leading American Egyptologist, who in his book entitled "The dawn of conscience", published in New York in 1933, wrote that the black people of Africa gave the world the first idea of right and wrong, and thus laid the basis for religion and all true culture and civilization. On page 15 of the book, Professor Breasted, talking of the Jewish culture which the Bible enwraps, wrote "The Bible really originated in ancient Egypt where the population, according to Herodotus and Aristotle, was black. There the Jews received almost all of their early culture. The ripe social and moral development of mankind in the Nile valley which was 3,000 years older than that of the Hebrews contributed essentially to the formation of Hebrew literature. Our moral heritage therefore derives from a wider human past enormously older than the Hebrews, and it has come to us rather through the Hebrews, than from them."

And no time can be more appropriate for that spiritual charge from Africa than now, as the present so called civilization just now has gone bankrupt, morally. Under the banner of Chiism, we shall, in fulfillment of the prophecy, move out to the world on a civilizing mission to pick from the gutters into which it has been thrown, the Conscience which Africa gave to the world, but which has been lost, and give it back to humanity as the re-emergence of the ancient civilization of spiritual balance, inherent in Chiism.

Herein is the foundation for this spiritual civilization, as revealed by The Ahanyi.

A Motion by The Ahanyi at the United Nations in New York on the 27th of Anyanwu , 20 D.T.
( June 18, 1980)

Chiism: A Universal Religion

Whereas, all the world expect religions to play a leading role in promoting world disarmament;

Worried, that with small arms still rattling everywhere in the world among various religious sects over differences in methods of God-worship, religions have themselves become props for small arms production, and weakened their claim as peace makers among humans--a shameful quagmire from which religions need to pull themselves from, if they must regain credibility as useful agencies for world disarmament;

Convinced, that religions, now aware of this shameful predicament of theirs have in contrition, begun making efforts to come together in mutual respect and understanding through the formation of the W. C. R.P. in Kyoto in 1970, and the adoption of the W.C.R.P. Louvain Declaration in Belgium in 1974 which, in paragraph 4 of its page 1, stated ...“ the long era of prideful, and prejudiced isolation of the religions of humanity is, we hope, now gone for ever..we are resolved henceforth to serve humanity together, each in the way most in keeping with the convictions of its spiritual family and local circumstances....”;

Believing, that the spiritual balance entrapped in the Louvain Declaration can be lived to achieve unity in diversity since all religions have God as their common denominator, and preach the same absolutes, differing only in their deification of various humans as media of approach to Chineke (God);

But afraid, that this lofty spiritual balance the Louvain Declaration hopes for cannot positively possess the minds of the present and future generations of religious communities everywhere on Earth, and re-orientate their attitudes towards one another;

Satisfied, that since all religions have Chineke as a common denominator which cannot be identified with any particular race or nationality or tribe and therefore not inherent with any clannish prejudices and rancor against which nobody can raise objections, the spirit of Chineke is an acceptable fulcrum around which a spirituality for unifying, coordinating and harmonizing all religions to live the Louvain Declaration can be built, and that there can be no term more appropriate for the identification of such a conflict eliminating, symbolic mind possessing and dis-armament philosophy wound around the spirit of Chineke, than Chiism;

And above all, whereas before the prophets of the various religions were born, the traditional religion of the earliest humans was hung directly on the spirit of one universal Chineke, the creator of all things, thereby giving the earliest humans direct communication with Chineke without passing through any mediums and making traditional religion of all human races originally conflict free Chiism, a fact which makes the presentation of Chiism in this motion not an innovation but a reversion to the lost golden age of religious harmony;

Be it therefore resolved, and it is hereby resolved, by all world’s religion here gathered today, Anyanwu 27th, 20 d.t.(June 18th, 1980), at the United Nations to consider the role of religions in world dis-armament, that Chiism be adopted as a coordinating and harmonizing spirituality for the disarmament of the religious front, under whose umbrella all religions, while maintaining their independent existence as liturgical variations of the same coordinating and conflict eliminating spirituality of Chiism, shall be able to mobilize the necessary love suffused and indivisible force of “aggregatio mentium”, wearing a common identity badge as Chiists, in the crusade to bring about a disarmed one world, since anything short of this grand spiritual leap to dis-armament by religions, of their own strife torn religious front first, would be self deceit and a lip service to a noble cause, since you cannot have moral authority to make peace among others when you cannot put your own house together in unity and stop your own children from shooting at one another.

Let us pour a libation for the Grace of Chineke, in the Shrine of Agwunsi, for divine wisdom and guidance: "And so let it be, Chineke, that it shall dawn upon all the world to realize that they are anti-life, who would not tolerate their fellow human for his or her religious belief; that they make Chineke unhappy who incite and wage religious quarrels. May humanity get soaked in time in the spirituality of Chiism, so that this civilization established, peace, like doves, shall return to human society, and dwell among humanity, forever.

" Ofo....Yagazie....Ise.

The Vision Of African Continental University.

African Continental University is a center for learning, prayer, libation, research and dialogue with regards to the cultural traditions of Africa, past, present and future, in all its ramifications, for the purpose of determining, preserving and promoting Africa’s cultural contributions to world civilization; and for the showcasing of the totality and diversity of the spirituality of all people. African Continental University is a gift from Chiism to the black world and humanity for cultural reconstruction and revival.

In the beginning of time, the ancestors of the first human beings on Earth that evolved in Africa related to Chineke, God the Creator, directly without passing through any medium. This way of direct supplication to Chineke, which our African ancestors practiced is what is expressed in philosophical parlance as Chiism, and our ancestors, being direct followers of Chineke, were Chiists.

On reflection: Ifenta and Ada in Igbo cosmogony or Adam and Eve in the Hebrew version; Abraham at the Dome of the Rock; Moses at Mount Sinai; Buddha; Confucius; Jesus and Mohammed, while they lived and walked the Earth, related to Chineke directly and were upon that fact themselves Chiists. Thus Chiism was and is, the hate free religion of all the ancestors of all human races and the first Divine spirituality on Earth.

Dismayed at the mutual hate and mutual killings ravaging the religious front everywhere on Earth to frustrate the claim of present day religions as reliable agencies for peace promotion among humans, Chiism was inspired by Chineke, God the creator, to build African Continental University to bring together all the religions of the world to teach them the religious civilization of spiritual balance of Africa and to harmonize and co-ordinate all religions in Chiism, since Chineke is the common denominator for all religions.

When an issue gets mucked up in mid stream, you return to the source for a solution!

At African Continental University, representatives of each religion will lay in a commemorative plaque for their religion, as in African Continental University every religion will be evaluated and taught to identify the points common to all religions; highlight and teach the points of common identity as a means of promoting mutual understanding and mutual toleration so as to end the mutual hate and killings which have been ravaging our planet to theextent that religions now have lost their salt and credibility among humans as reliable agency for peace promotion on Earth.

There will be mounted at strategic points around the bounds of African Continental University statues of the heroes of all the religions or in the absence of such heroes, the symbols which each religion holds as sacred to it. African Continental University shall be seen at once as a center of learning that will instill love and mutual respect among humans for the religious civilization of spiritual balance and everlasting peace on Earth which Chiism has assumed as its mission among all the races of mankind. Chiism will preach and live love, and so every turn of African Continental University has to catch the eye with evidences of this commitment.

African Continental University shall be a center of learning at which every facet of the cultural traditions of Africa--religious, socio-economic, political, metaphysical and trad- o-medical--shall be evaluated, philosophically dentified, systematized and taught to the end that all the world shall be coming to African Continental University on pilgrimage to re-learn the light of love distilled from the hitherto neglected forests of African wisdom. The Acade- my shall be the first of its kind not only in all Africa but also in all the world---an epitome of the era. After tutelage, the Aquarian age of everlasting peace on Earth.

African Continental University will be an international center of cultural renaissance from where the descendants of Africa and the Children of the lightt will regain their cultural freedom, now almost totally destroyed by centuries of colonialism, neo-colonialism and missionary religious aggression.

African Continental University will have a rich library, an auditorium, lecture halls, a dinning hall, student hostels and staff quarters. There will be guest houses for pilgrims who must come, at least once in a life time, for spiritual awakening and rejuvenation.

In the main bowl, in the center of the holy land,there will be a black polygonal Arousa (altar) of Chineke, where prayer and libation will be made to the Almighty. A Totem of Love on which will be inscribed readings from the portions of the Holy Book of the various religions in which love is emphasized, shall be mounted in the center of African Continental University---to remind all religions of the world of how one they are in their absolutes. At a section of African Continental University, a monument will be erected as a memorial to the holocaust of the dislocation and dehumanization of millions of the children of Africa, and all Children of the light. It is imperative that a reminder of humanity’s inhumanity against humanity is well documented, evaluated and reflected upon, for posterity.

Part time and full time lectures will be assembled here from all cultural movements throughout the world and from all African studies research centers. Chiist priests will be trained here. Young school graduates will be given a year’s academy in African culture and civilization. Older citizens will receive short term orientation courses, seminars and symposia on the same theme: the values, history, politics, sociology, philosophy, religion, technology and trado-medical science of Okebulani (Africa). African Continental University will constantly publish and launch books, pamphlets and tracts on Black and world culture written by Black and other authors from around the world. A revised history of the black race will be written and regularly updated to give a distinctive image and a respectable identity in the committee of human races.

African Continental University is a dream come true. The realization of the dreams of great sons and daughters of Africa like Itchie Mbonu Ojike, Dr. Martin Luther King; Dibia Nnamdi Azikiwe; Leopold Senghor; Dibia Kwame Nkrumah; Itchie Marcus Garvey; Dibia J. B. Danquah; Ezenwanyi (Queens) Nzinga and Ndongo; Itchie W. E. B. DuBoise; Ezenwanyi Yaa Asantewa; Itchie Malcom X; Eze (King) JaJa of Opobo; Eze Chaka of the Zulu; Itchie C.O. Ojukwu; Ahanyi Kama Onu Kama Onyioha; Odu Ahanyi Ngozi Nwosa Onyioha, and many other luminaries of the world like Dibia Oswald Spengler, Prof. J.H. Breasted; Prof. George Benard Shaw, etc.

The construction, management and governance of African Continental University will be the eternal challenge and responsibility of the international black community; of every good man and woman who is emancipated or yearns and aspires for the emancipation of all people from spiritual bondage and racial denigration and contempt.

Let us re-affirm our destiny. We need nobody to validate us but ourselves. If we as a people unify, there is no end to what we could accomplish. In the name of Chineke, God the Creator, donate towards African Continental University, not just for your sake, but also for the sake of humanity and world peace.

This is the mandate from Olisa nwe Amara to humanity!

..........western civilization has reached it’s apogee, and is cascading downward in retrogression to barbarism. The next great civilization shall come from Africa, and it shall be a spiritual civilization.” Oswald Spengler, a German philosopher in his book "The decline of the west."


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