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Oge Ututu - It's Morning Time


Please let us pause for a moment and evaluate what is needed in the world today for the good of the African. There is a holocaust that threatens the survival of our race and we need to be engaged in discussion that will enable us all to evaluate systems which will assure that there will be a tomorrow for future generations of Africans.

There is a dire need for us as a people to begin discussions that will form a source of resolution for our spiritual, cultural and psychological healing and evolution. We as a people have been historically assaulted by colonialism, slavery and now neo colonialism. Our discussions must center on how all Africa's children at home and in diaspora can come together as a collective body to chart a course for our future. We must do so by evaluating the actions of our ancestors, who represent our history and history of course represents the clock that people utilize to evaluate their political, cultural, spiritual and cultural time of day. It is the compass that tells us where we have been and where we are going. We need to see what was done in our past that we could utilize or abandon, evaluate how the past has shaped the present and how lessons learned can be used to formulate a brighter tommorrow.

There are Numerous areas that need evaluation as the source fountain for the beginning of the process.

Unity-The key to our survival as a people is to develop a sense of unity. Our unity first and foremost must come from an understanding that united we stand and divided we fall. Unity of a people guarantees survival. The history of the African has been wrought with never ending well orchestrated diversionary tactics to keep us hating each other and devaluating what we hold dear. Before the Europeans ventured into Africa, we lived in well documented era of blissful coexistence. We were not uncivilized per the unrelenting misconceptions propagated by those who would want us focused on our differences while persistently stealing from our shores. Civilized behavior stems from peaceful coexistence. Technological know how and economic opulence are simply mumps on civilization. There is no group in human history that is devoid of some behavior that will be considered inappropriate in present day time. We should cleanse ourselves of past behavior that we are not proud of, but keep the good. You do not throw away the baby with the dirty bath water. You throw away the water and keep the baby. The rest of the world have abandoned that which they don't need and have kept what they need. We too should learn to do that. We must stop the desecration of our cultural relics at the recommendations of people who want us to remain historically, politically, economically and culturally obscure.
The disunity in Africa is due to us not looking at each other as an African people first but members of the myriad of little nations and tribes that were orchestrated to keep us in perpetual disunity. These little nations were designed to fail and do so every day. We must become a little more selfish in our relationships with the world.

We must look for ways to encourage self determination in our people. We are the only race of people that others name and speak for. We used to be the namers of others but now others do so for us. We have formed alliances with people who did not ask if we wanted the alliances. The alliances are no good for us because we truly have no say in it's content and it's relevance to our interests. We need to stop devaluating the contributions we have made to humanity simply because someone who is not like you and me has put in place their own interpretation of history as the only one we should honor. They too have designed how we may resolve our issues even when their recommendations have no relevance to our greater good. We have to disagree yes, but at the end of the day, we find what is most relevant in the argument for the greater good of our people. We must not in our desire to be correct, debase our individual thoughts. Those Christians in Africa who help in devaluating African way of life represent a threat to our interests and need to be deprogrammed. We must do so through the educational process. We must avail them to other books to read besides just the Bible that has absolutely no relevance to their history and thus can absolutely have no redeeming value for them. Christianity serves the Europeans. It is their Religion and they have every right to practice it. The problem is it's imposition on the Africans who have yet to discover the danger it poses to their survival in the world.

We must collectively work for the good of our people even if we must be selfish in doing so. People in power are not hung up on emotional argument. The objective is to be in control. Nobody who wants power can possibly educate you to a level where you can ultimately dominate over them. We can be just as selfish about the African needs without losing our humanity. We must see the suffering of Africa's children as our collective suffering. We must join groups that genuinely wish to end the suffering in our world and lend a helping hand. We must never look away when we see each other suffering, waiting for those who inflicted the horrors to make the change. The Jews will not allow the world to forget the holocaust perpetrated against them by the Germans while we so respectfully celebrate those who perpetrate mass killings and enslavement of our people and worse yet, we give them the ammunition to do so-our minds.

The purpose of our joint objectives must be to uplift our people to our past glory. It will take some time and a whole lot of work. It may not even happen in our generation but the bottom line is that we get the ball rolling. We need not worry about weather many will join. Historically the people who create great energy and make waves are not those who stand in the sidelines and make noise but those who say "damn the consequences, lets do this." To them history is loyal. Many are called but few are chosen. Our purpose must be to re write history so that we are looked upon favorably again. That is the only acceptable objective. It demands that we keep our eyes open, speak the truth when we must and stand tall when challenged. The super powers of the world waste no time during their discussions about world power discussing how to share the power but how to stay out of each other's way. We must form an alliance with each other to deliver to our children a platform that will help them create a future based on solid foundations.

We must encourage economic survival of our people by knowingly supporting the economic aspirations of one another. We have a home land that that has some of the most awesome resources known to man, yet our people go hungry. Instead of being at loggerheads over matters that will have bearing on what happens to us after death, we must evaluate what is happening to us while we are living. We must focus on how to utilize these resources to our own advantage. It is not because the rest of the world loves us that they are all in Africa. They are there to partake of the riches of the land.
I am not proposing that we do not engage in industry with the rest of the world. I propose that we do so ever so cautiously with our eyes wide open and our minds alert. Doing business must entail learning from the world and reforming what is learned to suit our needs first and foremost. Preparing for the future must detail the meeting of the minds and detailing a workable plan for all of Africa's people. Our children should expect this of us. The rest of the world is doing for their children.

We are the most talented people on earth. We claim the music, art, dance and clothing, yet we are the only ones that allow others to sell our own things back to us as something new. The problem is that when we get it, it has been transformed so much we think it was originated by others. We must utilize our creativity to create a world better than the ancestors left behind. Good, bad or indifferent, every generation has the responsibility to create it's own reality utilizing historical data. Some members of this forum have called our ancestors ignorant and idiotic. I hope history will judge us more kindly than these African descendants are judging the ancestors. With the mayhem going on in Africa presently and we are pretty much not rising up to demand an end to these senseless acts of violence against us, I wonder what glorious terms the future generations will utilize to describe us future ancestors. While we are off to our glorious life ever after, what would they inherit? Remember that they will have to live first before lining up for heaven. What world should we expect them to live in? If we feel that heaven is a better place to live in, then those who see no need to celebrate life on earth should not be reproducing children who will obviously have nothing to look forward to but life after death. Spare them the Hell on earth that we are creating for them!

It truly makes me wonder why we waste so much time arguing over the true identity of Jesus Christ and his degree of Godliness. The issue is mute. History does not support his existence. If the Christians find that they are closer to God the father (since they have determined that God is male) through the intermediary of the son of God, or God the Holy Ghost, or the God head or the three gods in one, or the God born of Mary or God in the flesh or WHATEVER, good for them. However the rest of us have the right to go to our God directly. The problems in Africa has not been resolved through the magic of Christianity as history has proven over the centuries. One gentleman asks why the Gods of Africa could not have saved the Africans from slavery if they were so powerful. The question is why the God they perceive to be greater than the African God could sit back and watch the event unfold for many years. If your life is not worth defending and protecting while living, what purpose does it serve to preserve your life for eternity? The other major religions of the world celebrate images of God created from their own imagination and could not careless about Jesus Christ. Somehow they manage to prosper while we tear each other apart over this bedtime story.
The Europeans who gave us the bible will not ever trade their names for African names as a gesture of good faith but we so gladly give up our traditional names even when the majority of the names in the bible are hardly European. Exactly where does the bible state that you are more likely to enter the kingdom of God if your name was Cynthia or Martin?

The African is at very dangerous cross roads. The tragedy is that he does not know it. Our hand is too short to lock hands with the rest of the world who have to keep reaching out to give us a helping hand with all sorts of strings attached. The certainty in life is that ultimately we will leave this earth. The Bible has not saved anyone from death and there is no line of people fighting to get into heaven through an accelerated process (least of all. the people who brought Christianity and Islam). I just don't understand why the Christian God would sacrifice the life of his son for the people that have been flogging us with their infantile arguments. Then again we are not talking about the Creator- Chineke! We need to join hands to help promote Chiism to regain our confidence in the world.

May Chineke, Olodumare, Tamuna, Ubangiji, obasikeyong, Nkosi, Katunda, Muari, God of many names, bless you all who are helping to put out the words of reason and truth in support of all that is good about us as a people. It is Morning time!




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