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Oke Dibia Ochuaja

Uwa Onyioha Osimiri, Ph.D.

Spiritual Head of Global Faith Ministries of Chiism


Dibia Ochuaja

Udee Kama Onyioha
High Chief Priest of Global Faith Ministries of Chiism - Worldwide


Chief Ikenna Osimiri

High Chief Priest of Global Faith Ministries of Chiism - United States


Onu Kama Onyioha
President of the Laity for Chiism (Godianism)


Nnamdi Onyioha Irving
Youth Ministry Coordinator

Global Faith Ministries of Chiism - United States

Mission Statement

It’s aim is to give the world Spiritual Balance: promote universal unity of humanity under the parenthood of one Chineke (God): and give humanity everlasting peace in a world without arms and without wars.

The aims and objectives of Chiism in accordance with Article 8 of the International Constitution are as follows:

  • To Worship Chineke (God).


  • To connect all traditional spiritual philosophies of Africa.


  • To illumine the world with the civilization of spiritual balance and everlasting peace on earth which Chiism names.


  • To promote mutual understanding, mutual respect, mutual toleration, Love and peace among all religions of the world in order to bring to an end to violence and intolerance in the religious front.


  • To spiritualize humanity with such concepts and original ideas, as can promote peaceful co-existence among all people, and elevate humanity spiritually, to live the sermon of love religions preach - convinced as Chiism is that people are by nature good creations of Chineke perverted by ignorance and by the false concepts, faulty social systems and violent environments to which one is exposed.


  • To undertake humanitarian activities to feed the poor, heal the sick, defend the weak, help the helpless, the deprived and the repressed as veritable spiritual acts.


  • To build Chiist University, Trado-Medical Research Centers and other Institutions of learning throughout the world.


  • To relate with all organizations seeking world peace.


  • To showcase the African Calendar fit for the Aquarian age.

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