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Aquarian Age

To solve the problem of world chaos is no longer a matter of pious resolutions and declaration of fine principles. We have come to the point when we should proceed at once to reorganize the world and give it new philosophies, new ideologies, new systems in religion, economics and politics, which can compromise conflicts and gather the minds of humanity into one united front of universal unity if we must attain the goal of a disarmed one world based on justice and security.

For instance, a world government can be developed based on Peerism, the Age Group System of Africa's traditional democracy of communalism, which compromises into harmony the hitherto mutually antagonistic and gun-running capitalist and communist democracies. While the proposal is made with the Nigerian and African context in mind, its principles are capable of universal application.

The Second World Conference on Religion and Peace which in 1974 brought dedicated leaders of world's major religions together in a dialogue at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belguim, on religion and world peace, was one of the greatest developments of history with its 'Louvain Declaration' which said in paragraph 4 of its page 1 that "the era of prideful, and even prejudiced, isolation of the religions of humanity is, we hope, now gone for ever. We are resolved henceforth to serve humanity together, each in the way most in keeping with the convictions of its spiritual family and local circumstances".

Because this declaration is a long stride in the evolution of the human mind from the woods of religious prejudices, it must be given the mind possessing and symbolic knotting of Chiism (Chiism), if the spirit of the declaration was to be something lived, and something bequeathed to later generations.

That the first of this World Conference on Religion and Peace was held in 1970 makes 1970 the greatest year of the 20th century, in relation to which we should begin to date other events. That is the philosophy of dating. Events in Africa, in Rome and all over the world were dated in relation to major events. The Romans dated events in relation to the founding of the city of Rome in 753 B.C.-A.U.C., Anno Urbis Condita. Christians started dating events in relation to the birth of Jesus from 533 A.D. Muslims and other religions and nations have their own calendars based on various major events in their histories. And so even in the matter of calendar the world is not in harmony.

Taking the coming together of world's major religions at Kyoto, Japan, in 1970 as a very great event which marks the beginning of a great new religious civilization of spiritual balance, we suggest that all the world should now start dating events in relation to 1970. The wheel of the zodiac rolls on. The Piscean Age has passed away and the Aquarian Age has turned up. We cannot see its being convenient for humanity to continue to date events in the Aquarian Age in relation to the birth of Joshua, the son of Joseph the Jewish carpenter, whom the Greeks called Jesus. How inconvenient and obtuse would it be to talk of 2004 A.D. within the Aquarian Age. The Christian era belongs to the Piscean Age. Its system of dating events should pass away with the chaos that the Piscean Age has been. The Aquarian Age is an age of peace that has come, and should have its own basis for dating events.

The coming together of the leaders of the world's major religions in 1970 is a heralding of the human accord and peace that would characterize the Aquarian Age, which nominates 1970 as a very important year in the evolution of the human mind towards harmony, in relation to which the dating of events for the Aquarian Age should be made. Till 1970, the human mind had, like a child in guardianship, remained in immaturity, full of prejudices, which kept religions apart in such violent mutual antagonisms as refused to create or meet on a common religious platform to talk peace. The Year 1970 therefore mark the beginning of a break from the chains of ancient prejudices. The heart full of hate is the heart in the tutelage of prejudice.

So that we can record 1970 as 30 D.T., 'D.T.' meaning During Tutelage.

The Aquarian Age promises peace on Earth and love among humanity. So that the period between 1970 and 2000 will be regarded, as a period During Tutelage, while the dawn of the Aquarian Age in 2004 will be dated as '1 A.T., 'A.T.' meaning 'After Tutelage', when the human heart must have been evolved out of the woods of the Piscean prejudices.

In this vision, 1970 becomes 30 D.T., which means 30 years to the dawn of the Aquarian Age of World Peace in 2000. 1971 becomes 29 D, T.; 1972 becomes 28 D.T.; 1973 becomes 27 D.T.; 1974 becomes 26 D.T., and so on in diminishing progression till 1999 becomes 1 D.T. and 2000 becomes 1 A.T., to slip humanity into the Aquarian Age. We shall then continue to date 2 A.T. for the second year of the Aquarian Age, 3 A, T. for the third year and so on till 2000 A.T., when the wheel of Zodiac shall sweep humanity into a new sign and a new Age. Chiism has already adopted this basis for its calendar.

My ideas may have altogether seem fantastic. Call them heretic. In human experience we have seen the heresy of today become the orthodoxy of tomorrow. But I hold them as sounding the keynotes of the new civilization of world peace, which the Aquarian Age is bringing. I hold they will play their part in developing those human attitudes, which are needed to give humanity a conceptual and realistic approach to world disarmament.

Let us then call on the United Nations to start work along these lines of compromising the minds of humanity from conflicting ideologies which breed the armament race, into these new concepts and systems with a view to evolving a world government which will attain the goal of a disarmed world based on justice. Yagazie.

-------Ahanyi, Kama Onu Kama Onyioha.

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