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Human, know thyself

Appreciating one's race and loving one's self is not racism. Most world communities love their brethren a little bit more than they love outside of it. For example, Chinese people love the Chinese a little more than they love the African, the European loves the European a little more than he loves the African, the Indian loves the Indian a little more than he loves the African, the Jew loves the Jew a little bit more than he loves the African, the Arab loves the Arab a little bit more than he loves the African, etc. All exhibit a level of cultural prejudice healthy in protecting and promoting the interest of their communities. However, the African has no self-love anymore. We would rather wear fake hair pieces, bleach our skin, change our religion, change our names, change our language; we would rather do everything possible to run from our natural state to seek outside validation. We love everything about our colonial masters, and see no value in things that are primarily African. Our educational systems have really failed us because; it has been incapable of instilling in us a level of appreciation of our history, culture, and contributions to civilized behavior. Consequently, corrupt leadership, violence, self hatred, miseducation, erosion of social values and taboos, proliferation of foreign religions of the book, organized eradication of traditional spiritual institutions, etc., in Africa is a handy work of manipulation by the puppeteer. Funny thing is that only colonized nations display this trait.

My people, racism is prejudice with evil intentions. Wanting to validate one's self based on one's cultural and historical leanings is very healthy, and all competitive nations do it. I am sorry that a lot of Africans have no understanding of what needs to be done to begin to address the stagnation in our African global communities, and on the continent. For the detractors, this discourse is probably beyond their level of comprehension. In which case, I wish them luck in their confusion.


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