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Christianized and Islamized

African people are too Christianized and Islamized to the point of servitude. They have lost any semblance of cultural rectitude. They are a lost people who now believe that some of them in the Igbo tribe of West Africa are Jews. Sad but true. Foreign religion of Christianity and Islam are the Achilles heel of the African man and woman. They claim that they appreciate their culture, but go to Churches and Mosques to worship foreign gods, messengers, and deities. You can't even run for political office in Africa unless you are Christian or Muslim. I can go on and on, but I think that you get my drift. Money is the new "God" of the Africa man and woman, while communal responsibility is frowned upon. Diasporan reconnection as a necessary part of nation formation is lost to the majority of Africans. Their inability to deal with their complacency and lack of will power to control their future is the direct influence of the Church, Pentecostal religion, and Islam. We love to go to other lands and build wealth, but unable to build up our own land. Even our so-called educated class, and those who claim that they are proponents of Pan-Africanism still fall victim to the mental disease of slave mentality wroth by foreign religions. My people, my father spent a lifetime addressing this issue to no avail. Welcome to our mental hell.

Culture is said to be the backbone of a people. Question: Is African culture at the forefront of development of Africa? Is the Christian Priest or Muslim Imam more important in political discourse and affiliations than the African Traditional Religion Priest? Are we uncomfortable with the fact that our suffering in Africa today is our own doing? Since we worship money and personal wealth as opposed to appreciation of "communal responsibility" as prerequisite to greatness, it is fair to say that the most Africans are devoid of knowledge of Nation formation, Nation building, and management. Keep on surrendering your power to the con man in the pulpit or the conservative Imam because, it surely will be our undoing soon. It's so sad to watch the mental deterioration of the African man and woman, while they are engaged in defense of a philosophy that was, and is still being used to colonized their land and enslave their minds. Very sad indeed.

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